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09:37pm 05/07/2008
blah so ive only written one entry. ive just been so busy i haven't gotten the chance. i wish i could say things are going good for me but then i'd be lying. my life is just a wirlwind right now and i don't even know what to do with myself.  i can try to explain it all but it'll probably just come out all discombobled but i'll try.

alright so, my home life kind of....sucks right now. and that's putting it nicely. i mean i live in a nice home, i'm well fed bla bla, i don't mean it that way. i mean my family situation sucks right now.

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10:17pm 08/02/2008
HEYA. about time i finally wrote an entry. i always start these blog thingers but never finish but oh well. hahaha my name is katie and im 20 years old. if you're reading this you prob know me, if you dont. HI. haaa. i live in CT and i work a job at a daycare(more detail into that later), i love music. i love my friend they are incredibleeeeeeee. i love god. and lots more.

OK SO. what shall i tell you about me? WELL at the current moment i'm sick as a dog. it freaking sucks dude. like a few weeks ago i had a nasty stomach bug i was throwing up and had a fever and was just... sdkfhdskjfdhf. and then i finally started to feel better and then lasdt weekend i hung out with my good friend heather(<3) and she was sick and she gave it to me..HA thanks alot heather. LOL jks. but it sucks because my throat feels like its on fire and my head is pounding and i feel dizzy and and ive gone through about 3 boxes of tissues and just sfhskdjfh i don't like it. and i have be workiing this whole time and ive been having issues there which just sucks too and idk my life just isnt going the way i want it to lately. but that can kind of give me a leeway into the next paragraph

even though im going through these difficult times i can always turn to one person.  GOD. god is amazing. i am a sole believer in god and jesus. i was born a christian but as i hit my teenager year i began to stray from god. but over this past summer i met a really awesome girl named heather. oddly enough we met six flags. for a concert, jesse mccartney(HAHA) she happen to be standing in the line behind me and i like to make new friends at concerts so we just started casually talking and we discovered that she only lived like 20 minutes away. we became friends that day and exchanged screen names. we talked once in awhile online but then sort of lost contact for awhile. i dont even remember when we reconncted but it was towards the beginning of the summer and we began talking more and started hanging out. she invited me to youthgroup in the town next to me and i had nothing better to do that friday night so i thought what the heck? might as well go. so i went and i was extremely shy and reserved, as i always am around new people. it was definately something i was not expecting. everyone was so warm and friendly. i was scared to show my love for god in fear i would look stupid. but i began to warm up as i went every friday(or fridays i didn't work) now here i am...6 months later and i have given god my heart 100%. im more confident.. heck tonight i jumped up on stage and did the "soulja boy" dance with heather infront of the entire youthgroup.. in the beginning i wouldnt have ever THUNK of doing that. 

 i have been going through some really hard times lately. family, money, heath, emotional issues right now and tonight i just bared it all and got everything off my chest in prayer. before we even went up to the alter when our youth paster jeff, was speaking about how some of us may have burdens we are carrying..i began to cry. because i knew it applied to me. i didn't want other people to see me upset so i tried my best not to show it. although heather did notice because she was sitting next to me and she wiped my tears away which i thought was really sweet. i went up to the alter like i said and then i heard someone speaking and i opened my eyes and it was heather and blaine(worship team leader) was kneeling beside her. i made my way over to her and blaine smiled at me and wrapped her arms around me and i felt a sense of comfort. i see great things in both of those girls. they are incredibly beautiful, high spirit, amazing people and friends and to have that loving arm around me just calmed everything for me. after heather was done i asked blaine if she would say a prayer for me and she happily obliged. she is amazing at giving prayers and i need all the prayers i can get right now so she did and it was amazing and when she was done i gave her a hug and it was probably the most heartfelt hug i've ever recieved. i encourage everyone to get involved with a youthgroup in their area, its definately worth it. you make new friends and you get to worship the lord. what is better than that!?

what else can i share? OH well i LOVELOVELOVE music. i don't think i could function with out it.  i love many different artist. Justin Timberlake is definately on the top. I have loved him ever since i was 10 years old when he was in NSYNC. he is an amazing muscian and does an INCREDIBLE live show. when i saw him of march 07 it was seriously the best night. after 10 years i was finally in the same room with this incredible man. i burst into tears, call me a teenie ..whatever i don't care. it was 10 years built up. it was truly an amazing experience. i also enjoy BSB <3 i hope they tour soon bc when i saw them in 05 it was sosososo awesomeee. lovethem. i am also a HUGE fan of the jonas brothers. they are amazing musicians and people in general. i do get annoyed when people say its not "age appropriate" for me to like them. i think that is complete BS. they are MY age for one, and they themseleves said they want to appeal to people their age. i think they are amazing role models and positive influences in young people. they don't sing like "sexsexsexdrugscurse" blah blah they actually have songs with meaning...sometimes it may be a bit cheesy but we need more of that light hearted fun in this world. i have had the pleasure of getting to meet them when i went to six flags with heather in aug 07. they are by far the most down to earth sweet guys i have ever met. you can tell they truly love their fans. many artisit say that but jonas brothers SHOW IT. there had to have been over 400 people there and the concert ended late and im sure they were tired but they love us so much that they were willing to stay as late as it could to sign autographs for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who had purchased their cd. thats love man. and when i talked to them i really felt like i was talking to an old friend. they are just complete dolls and give amazing hugs btwww. i hope i get to see them soon <3

i also have amazing friends. i'll probably be talking alot about them in this blog/livejournal thinger. i seriously don't know where i would be right now if i didnt have the friends i do. they are always there for me and they are by my side when i hit rock bottom.  we may have our arguments and differences but what friendship is perfect? none. my friends make me laugh, they're my shoulders to cry on, they're my everything and idk if they'll read this but everyone out there...if your my friend, you know it. and i just want to say I LOVE YOU. <3 you all me an the world to me and more than you will ever know. you guys are my rocks and i would be lost without you so thank you so much for everything. <33333333333

whew. how's that for a first post? ;)
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